just u .

Its sad when u see ur loved ones go far away one day ,
but , the more sad u will feel when ur fren had gone far away from u ,
life without frens just like an empty can ,
lonely ,
friendship is just like stars in the beautiful nite sky .
always be together all the time either nite or day ,
it holds a strong bonds between each other ,
promises that kept for eternal life ,
promises never to betray ,
promises to keeps the bond doesn't matter what happens ,
n promises to never forget each other when i or u gone forever in this little world ,
love for a fren its the greatest love in the world ,
that nothing can else can broke n tear it apart ,
i do love u as fren ,
i do care bout u ,
ur always be by my side ,
when im in trouble ,
when im sad ,
when i cry ,
when i feel depressed ,
u the one who i can express my feeling towards someone i have loved ,
u the one who always make me laugh ,
u the one who give me the strength to keep moving on with my life ,
u the one i have always loved ,

i have loved u more than a fren before ,
but ,
i know whom myself well ,
i don't have the rite to even love u ,
who am i ?
just a stubbon guy ,
who always get u in trouble ,
make u feel sad ,
n even worst ,
make u cry ,
what type of fren is like that ,
i knew well about my wrong to u ,
im so sorry ,
there times that where our bonds almost broke n fell apart ,
but ,
i could not bare to lose our friendship bonds ,

i haved always loved u ,
no matter what happen ,
when u have a relationship with other guy ,
i fell sad ,
abandoned ,
jealous ,
but it doesn't matter ,
i have always supported u ,
i don't care with who ,
u have a relationship ,
for me ,
as long as ur happy ,
im happy ,
i just want u to be happy ,
i don't want to see sadness in ur face ,
i want u to always keep ur adorble smile forever ,
i have always loved when ur smile ,
sweet ,
adorable ,
cute ,
like the sweetest sweet in the universe ,

i can't forget ,
the nite u call me ,
we were talking ,
laughing ,
but ,
u cry all of a sudden ,
u say u missed me ,
by that time ,
droplets of water ,
drop from my face ,
my eyes were all wet ,
was i crying ?
i don't know ,
was it true ?
i have always miss u ,
wherever ,
whenever ,
to me ur r the best fren in the world !
i hope u will be happy till the very end ,

its sad when u say ur gonna move to another place ,
i will miss to see u smile ,
ur laugh ,
ur voice ,
i hope u will be fine ,
i hope that u will never forget me ,
never forget my face ,
my name ,
n who myself to u .
wherever u will be ,
i have always loved u ,
miss u .

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